LSTN goes beyond transcription to provide the world’s most innovative and collaborative platform for searching, editing and getting the most out of your audio and video content.
LSTN makes it easy to:
  • convert your audio and video files into text
  • polish transcripts to perfect in minutes
  • make your audio and video files searchable
For information on pricing please see our pricing page.
LSTN uses the world’s best automated speech-to-text algorithms to generate accurate transcripts. The easy-to-use LSTN Editor glues text to the original audio (and video) so you can search, verify and if necessary correct your transcript without leaving the LSTN Editor.
Manual transcription is both time-consuming and costly. With reasonable transcription coming in at $100-200 per hour and often taking days to deliver, it’s a painful process that’s outdated – especially with the rapid advancements in AI and modern speech-to-text technology. Lstn was set up to address the challenges that have plagued journalists, lawyers, media professionals and more by letting users to achieve the same accuracy as manual transcription. But Lstn is much faster and cheaper with its Lstn auto-transcription and verification tools.
Lstn quickly gives users the ability to search, verify, correct, edit and export the usable content of recorded speech. Importantly however, Lstn is much more than a substitute for manual transcription, allowing the user to effortlessly share edited or extracted audio/video/text content to both traditional platforms (print, radio, TV), online and social media.
LSTN usually converts video or audio to text in less time than the length of the file. For example a 45 minute video interview would typically take less that 45 minutes. That being said a solid internet connection will help deliver the speediest results.
LSTN currently offers language models for English (US and UK), Italian, French and Spanish (Spain and Latin America).
LSTN supports a variety of audio and video files:
  • .mp3, .mp4, .m4a, .aac and .wav (recommended audio)
  • .mp4, .wma, .mov and .avi (recommended video)
Can’t see your file format here?
It’s easy to convert audio and video files to one of these formats. Many standard audio or video players will do it for you. You can also check on Google. One of our favorite audio converters is Audacity (and it’s free!).


Short answer: no one.
Your privacy and security are extremely important to us. We realize that you trust LSTN every day to keep your information secure, and to keep your content and data protected. With this in mind, we’ve made it so that no one (not even us) can access your LSTN unless you decide to actively share them.
If you have any specific questions regarding security please refer to our Security Policy, Privacy Policy or Terms of Use. If your question isn’t answered there, please contact our support team at


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